Custom Application Development

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We have expert team to develop windows and custom application for your company suit and global market.

eCommerce Solutions

E-commerce as all know is the emerging platform for selling and buying anything online. It has immense power to fast track any business by making reach to a wide range of potential buyers and thus helps a lot in creating huge revenues. We at Tutune have expertise in creating e-commerceapplications for any type of business. We have developed a lot of e-commerce applications for our prestigious clients. We create customised and highly performing applications that boosts small as well as big business.

Mobile Development

The websites that have different layout as per the requesting device are known as responsive websites. We have developed many mobile adaptable websites (responsive websites) as well as mobile specific applications.

Mobile applications are applications that can be downloaded from the platform specific store and installed on the mobile device. Mobile applications run on different platforms.

The most known platforms are :

(1) Android  (2) ios   (3) Windows

Job Portal

Hiring correct people at correct time is the key to success for any organization. We have created many job portals for our clients that had helped them a lot in flawless excellent hiring.

We also provide customized job portal applications as per clients need.

ERP & CRM Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management applications are used to increase the profitability of a business.

We are expert in developing window and web based ERP and CRM products to our clients. We also provide various customizations options to our clients based on the need of business.

Quality Testing

Quality testing is very important for success of any application. Quality testing is required for delivering an error-free solution that can perform well in real world scenario.

We have expert team of quality testers that make sure that our client gets error-free application that can handle the business purpose smoothly. We provide manual testing as well as automation testing solutions to our clients.

We have helped transform businesses worldwide by developing robust and scalable applications. Our E2E application services are undertaken through matured and proven agile processes to deliver cutting-edge applications. This involves identifying the solution required by the customer, assembling the right team, and implementing the solution through a structured Define, Design, Develop and Deploy methodology

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