Microsft Software Devlopers
(.Net, C#, Xamrin )

.NET Framework & ASP.NET

We program desktop, web, mobile, cloud, hybrid, IoT, and gaming applications across a variety of devices. Our services include extending current server applications, integrating with 3rd party libraries and APIs, web applications, mobile sites, and more. Our expertise includes Universal Windows apps, Win32 desktop applications, ASP.NET Web Apps / Forms / Pages, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), WCF Data Services, Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Workflow Services, SignalR, Xamarin, and more.

.NET Core & ASP.NET Core

Our developers program server applications, cross-platform apps, microservices, containers, and high performance, scalable systems. We develop with Linux, macOS, and Windows systems and leverage .NET Standard library for cross-platform applications. Our microservices expertise includes architectures design, Azure App Service, and Azure Service Fabric. We containerize web apps and services to complement microservices architectures or deploy / host server apps. Our containers expertise includes Azure Container Server and other cloud services. Our developers also engineer high performance, scalable systems, side-by-side applications support, and cost-saving infrastructures.

Mobile Apps

Our developers utilize Xamarin for rapid mobile application development. Using shared C# code and native API / hardware access we natively and simultaneously develop mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Our mobile development services include intuitive user interface and experience (UI / UX), native controls, platform-specific capabilities / hardware acceleration, and more.

Supporting Technologies

Our developers have expertise in the full spectrum of Microsoft technologies: Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, Silverlight, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Edge, Xbox, OneDrive, Windows Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), SQL Server, BizTalk Server, and many more. We also program with 3rd party and open source libraries with support for .NET development including Telerik, DevExpress, Infragistics, JetBrains, and more.

We have helped transform businesses worldwide by developing robust and scalable applications. Our E2E application services are undertaken through matured and proven agile processes to deliver cutting-edge applications. This involves identifying the solution required by the customer, assembling the right team, and implementing the solution through a structured Define, Design, Develop and Deploy methodology

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